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Due to pandemic, currently our company is operating remotely and office visits are for next months canceled. Please contact any employees for any business via contact form or using information system if you have access to it.


Our company is providing services and creating innovative software using quantum computers. We operate in quantum computing sphere and our ambition is to provide effective solutions for businesses using this beyond state of the art technology.

Our goal is to share technology ideas and best practices when it comes to quantum computing application and verticalization. QuanTech is a leader in research thanks to unique tools and methodology. The founders of the company (Marcus Graham and Jonas Nicolson) are well-known professionals in this field and thanks to them company made it that far today.

"About 13 years ago with a colleague of mine we had an idea of stating our own business. All those years of hard work went so quickly,...nevertheless, it has all left a valuable mark behind. Every failure pushed us work harder, and every success was a reinforcing sign that we are going the right direction." CEO, co-founder:  Marcus Graham


John Backman, CEO of the PC's ONE Company:Great service created by great people.
Susanne Rich, Head of ITmania Ltd.:Love their attitude, 100 % recommended !
Ashton Reid, CEO of the P-systems company, Inc.:I'm happy I could cooperate with this company.
Bob Robertson, programmer for WLC LTd.:It was nice to work with you. Thanks!
Eric Smith, IT Analyst for TA-GB company:Absolutely amazing. I was nicely surprised by your quick order processing. Thank you QuanTech! I'm sure it was not my last order.
Rachel Stone, IT Department manager for Free Way:Top professionals at one place! I am very satisfied.
Gabriel Turner, Chief of Sales Department for CompSALE company:Very nice treatment, people willing to advise and solve any kind of issues.
Leon Ward, Director of MFY Bank:The whole collcaboration with this company was a pleasure for me. I'm very thankful.
Alexandra White, Assistant, IT High Experiment company:Great quality. You will not regret.
Dafne Scott, Developer for True Bits, Ltd.:I would give 6 starts out of 5. I highly recommend.
Loyd Parker, Founder of PC studio LAMM:I have never met a company with such beyond state-of-the-art technology. I applaud you for it!

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Upcoming events

  • Party cancellation
    Our annoual party will be cancelled due to ongoing pandemic. We are planning to compensate it with online event including our new interns group for our newly developed information system.
  • PARTY!
    We are preparing an annual event where we would like to celebrate another successful year of this company! You have something to look forward to. More info will be provided later.
    We are preparing a special course with certified trainers: Basics of software development. Potential dates will be announced by the end of this month.
    It is here! A long-awaited Software release has reached the final phase! More information and next steps will be available soon.
    To expand our team we are looking for some skilled testers to join us and get hands dirty on new exciting projects. More information you can find on FB group for testers that is dedicated to our interns.