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What we offer

  • security and consulting services for startups
  • integration of quantum technologies into modern IT sphere
  • developing secure, user-friendly, and innovative systems for customers
  • preventing external real-time cyber-attacks and security breaches
  • secure data transfer
  • other new experimental methods

Quantum servers present a significant potential for secure data transfer and new experimental methods focused on increasing IT security. We apply quantum entanglement and research behavior of particles which Einstein has called “spooky action at a distance”. In connection with this, we have created a special department dedicated to a unique project focused precisely on these experiments with quantum transfers.

QuanTech is a market leader in providing a wide range of innovative technology solutions for complex problems. For software products, we are mainly applying machine learning combined with Quantum technologies. Our research intentions and experiments focused on optimizing processes led to the development of our main product - software using quantum servers.

Your safety is our TOP priority

Our company provides security and consulting services for startups and big businesses in the communication technology field and the quantum computers industry. Integration of quantum technologies in the modern IT sphere is our top goal, and we are already developing secure, user-friendly, and innovative systems for customers for more than 13 years.

QuanTech allows companies to keep their devices and data safe by preventing external real-time cyber-attacks and security breaches.

Upcoming events

    Unfortunately, the annual party must be canceled due to an ongoing pandemic. We are planning a compensation through the online event, where we'll celebrate our newly developed information system at a distance.
    We are preparing an annual event where we would like to celebrate the next successful year! You have something to look forward to. More info provided soon.
    We are working on a unique course created by certified trainers: "Basics of software development". Potential dates when applicants can register will be published by the end of this month.
    It's here! A long-awaited Software Release has reached the final phase! More information and next steps will be available soon.
    To expand our team, we are looking for skilled testers to join us and get to know the magic of new exciting projects. More information you can find on the FB group for testers which is dedicated precisely for that purpose.