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Interview with Marcus Graham
(CEO, co-founder)

"I have never stopped believing that our work is a great contribution to society.."

We asked our managers some questions about their personal life. What are they really like? And what do they like?

1. How would you describe your character / personality? 

A purposeful social optimist and pragmatist. I need to see a clear sense in things and have a well-defined goal.

2. What are your weaknesses? 

Workaholism and perfectionism. Although it is not clear whether these are weaknesses or strengths. Depends on the point of view.

3. What can really make you angry at work? 

I have always wanted to build a successful, world well-known company. I like things that stand out from the crownd, and so I was dreaming about coming to the market with some unique, cutting-edge product... I also like the constant progress. That is why it can upset me when I am forced to work with someone who sticks on old and not working processes and does not like changes. On top of that, he/she keeps convincing me that it the obsolte is better! Thats when Im really getting mad!

4. What is your favorite food? 

I love traditional Japanese cuisine. Especially fish, or seafood is something that I would never refuse. Well, and of course desserts! I have to order a dessert after lunch every day. :)

5. What do you like the most about working in a company? 

In my career have always been in come kind of a leading positions, taking care of large teams. Especiialy, when Im working on a complex project, I see it a as a challenge and Im naturally attracted to lead kinds of projects. I enjoy working on things that have a wider impact on society. Overseeing the overall operation of a large company is the ideal type of work for me, indeed. Work is for me the oppotunity to develop myself and constantly learn something new. I learned how to better understand the needs of my colleagues , clients and customers, which resulted in a steeply rising success for the entire company. I have never stopped believing that our work is great contribution to society and I still believe that we will have a great impact in the future.


Upcoming events

  • Party cancellation
    Our annoual party will be cancelled due to ongoing pandemic. We are planning to compensate it with online event including our new interns group for our newly developed information system.
  • PARTY!
    We are preparing an annual event where we would like to celebrate another successful year of this company! You have something to look forward to. More info will be provided later.
    We are preparing a special course with certified trainers: Basics of software development. Potential dates will be announced by the end of this month.
    It is here! A long-awaited Software release has reached the final phase! More information and next steps will be available soon.
    To expand our team we are looking for some skilled testers to join us and get hands dirty on new exciting projects. More information you can find on FB group for testers that is dedicated to our interns.