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Interview with Jonas Nicolson
(Head of Experimentation Department, co-founder)

"I love working with people who are as 'obsessed' with science as I am.."

We asked our managers some questions about their personal life. What are they really like? And what do they like?

1. How would you describe your character / personality? 

Introverted melancholic? I´d say something like that. I love all the comfort of my own home, I prefer quiet, peaceful environment and never-ending walks in nature with my wife.

2. What are your weaknesses? 

I guess not being social enough… And shyness, though.

3. What can really make you angry at work? 

Egoism. If someone does not takes into account needs of others and acts absolutely selfish... that really makes me angry.

4. What is your favorite food? 

I have been vegetarian for 5 years, and so I vegetarian meals. I especially like tofu, and I eat a lot of vegetables.

5. What do you like the most about working in this company? 

I am crazy into science and research, I have been fascinated by nuclear and quantum physics since my childhood. I love working with people who are as “obsessed” with science as I am (understand other nerds, haha). I am particularly interested in learning about new interesting scientific findings, so the position of the Experiment Leader is really where I belong.


Upcoming events

  • Party cancellation
    Our annoual party will be cancelled due to ongoing pandemic. We are planning to compensate it with online event including our new interns group for our newly developed information system.
  • PARTY!
    We are preparing an annual event where we would like to celebrate another successful year of this company! You have something to look forward to. More info will be provided later.
    We are preparing a special course with certified trainers: Basics of software development. Potential dates will be announced by the end of this month.
    It is here! A long-awaited Software release has reached the final phase! More information and next steps will be available soon.
    To expand our team we are looking for some skilled testers to join us and get hands dirty on new exciting projects. More information you can find on FB group for testers that is dedicated to our interns.